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Yellow or clockwork themed movie of tomboy girl in another world

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I’m trying to find a movie I saw as a young kid so it was a movie made before 2009 for sure. I remember it having some poor CG animation with some weird glob monster (kinda like no face from spirited away) with a mask-like face. The tomboy girl is the main character and I only remember the scene where her evil sister witch (maybe it’s just another version of her real sister bc it’s another fantasy world) having the tomboy girl under her spell. The evil sister witch had the the Tom boy change her clothes with the help of some glob magic to dress more like a girly girl but still dark clothes if that makes sense. And she also made her wear makeup? This is the most I can remember, thanks.

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Forgot to add, the movie was veryyyy yellow themed. I’m talking yellow colors/hues and the girl was wearing punk like, almost clockwork-y clothes