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Winter horror monster (?) movie

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Country of origin: Most likely the US.
Release date: About 1995-2007.

The person I’m searching this for has only seen the first 10-20 minutes of the flick.
It starts with a young couple traveling by car in a severe snowstorm, during the day. The guy is the driver and he complains to his girlfriend that he can’t see the road and he adds that in similar situations his aunt used to get out of the car and walk in front of it, to show the way. They bicker about this for a while because the girlfriend doesn’t want to get out into the snowstorm but eventually she does.
Periodically the audience gets perspective shots of the car from the nearby woods as if something was watching it furtively.
Then they collide with a semi-trailer truck (or both vehicles swerve off the road to avoid collision) due to low visibility.
The driver of the car gets out to check on the truck driver, who turns out to be an older man, wearing a red, checkered shirt. When the driver of the car sees him, he stops in his tracks, visibly shocked but the audience doesn’t get to see why. The truck driver is lying unconscious in the snow but he comes to and he yells at the driver of the car to stop standing there and help him.
That’s when we get to see that his body is missing below the waist.
A girl enters a diner where the TV is talking about the accident we just saw. The news anchor recites that no bodies were found on the scene and everybody involved, is considered missing.
Deep in a forest during the day. The bloody corpse of the driver of the car is hanging from a tree.

It’s not:

30 Days of Night (2007)
Dead Cold (1995)
Dead End (2003)
Dead of Winter (1987)
Dead of Winter (2006) AKA Lost Signal
Dead Snow (2009)
Wendigo (2001)
Wind Chill (2007)
Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011)

It would be great if you could find it, someone has been looking for it for a year.

JoeKing12001 Answered question Apr 6, 2022

The Last Winter, perhaps?

farcry Posted new comment Apr 10, 2022

Thanks but it doesn’t seem to have the scene I’m looking for.