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What is this movie called… ?

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I can’t remember the name of a movie and I can’t remember any actors or actresses..
The movie starts with a hotel clerk or worker who doesn’t like his job. The boss makes him work extra (through the weekend I think). He and his wife had been fighting (about him getting a better job maybe?) So he asks her to bring the kid to the hotel for the duration. She agrees, but shortly after they get into the room and the man leaves, the wife and child are murdered. The man is blamed and goes on the run. He enters various cabins(skiing town I think) to eat and clean and bathe.
He listens to the radio a lot, and is known to the DJ’s as “Buster”. He often calls in with what seem like ramblings about space and time. I think he believes he can go back in time (something about everything being upsidedown for this to happen I think..?).
Eventually He gets cornered by local law enforcement and they start to unload on him, but then he was gone(I think his plan works ?)

It was a really unique movie and I would really like to watch it again..
I remember the clip of “a series of tubes” being used, I think maybe to attempt to explain everything going upsidedown to time travel but I’m really not sure..

Please somebody. I’ve been clueless for years..

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pori Selected answer as best Mar 27, 2022

Buster’s Mal Heart (2016).

Google: movie|film+wife+killed|murdered+space|itime+radio+buster

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Thank you so much!! 🙏

kluckmaster Answered question Mar 26, 2022