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What is the horror movie

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Iam gonna try explain it as good as i can / sry if bad english.
It was like a group of people driving in a car in the woods. The car got problem and stopped, 2 of them i think was gonna go to try get help. And it show up like doll masked killers by the car and start try to kill those who are left in the car. One of the guys who left got like a shot wound somehow dont remember exactly , but he finds a cabin to search for help. It lives a old lady there . Longer into the movie it shows that this is like a mother to all thos doll masked killers in the woods. They are like inbred cannibals or something. And the mother calls them all home for dinner ( these people ) ….. Something like that please help me what this is for a movie…. I searched so long …….

Dadavid9497 Unselected an answer Feb 9, 2021

I only have guesses:

The Strangers (2008).

Wrong Turn (2003).

Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation (1994).

Tourist Trap (1979).

Also, the mother-figure makes me think that you might be looking for one of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, maybe look into them!

Dadavid9497 Posted new comment Feb 13, 2021

Nope none of them 🙁 I have seen all of those also….

how old is your film? what does the doll mask look like?

I think its around like 2000 , looks kinda like the strangers masks . But the old lady in the house doesnt wear any.