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Western movie, weher the main character dies in the end.

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Sometime ago I watched an older western, at least before 2000, but I’d even say it was quite a bit older. The scenes are spread over all seasons including heavy rain and snow alike, as beautiful summer and spring days. If my memory serves correct, it was set in a mountain area.
In the opening scene a white man (main character) comes in to a village of white people. Upon his arrival the village folk are holding some native’s hostage. He helps a young native lady escape and injures the smith in the process. After seeing an acquaintance, he departs again and finds the native lady and tries to help here. In the beginning she is very shy but eventually they get along. At some point they are ambushed and overpowered by a few men. They tie him to a tree and rape her one after another ultimately killing here. He manages to break free regain his strength somewhat and set out to find the men that ambushed them. Eventually he finds them in a (if I remember correct) scene with snow and kills them all. After that he headed back to the village to see his friend there, stock up on supplies and then continue his journey. But as he stepped back out of the door of his friend’s house the smith recognised him and shot him with his shotgun, killing him instantly. Then the film ends.
I really hope someone can recognize this film and unlike me remembers the title, as to me it was a surprisingly good and moving movie 😉
Thanks in advance and Cheers

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