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Underground research base with a creature hunting soldiers.

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I think there were lots of different underground levels in the research base.

When the soldiers went in, they found an unhelpful scientist (not a priest) on the first level.

They left him there with a soldier whilst other soldiers went to the lower levels.

They were then pursued by some kind of creature.

Can’t find this film anywhere. I only know that the film was NOT called The Devil’s Tomb. It was a film similar to that, though.

Thanks everyone.

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pori Selected answer as best Jul 15, 2022

2nd guess:
Alien Lockdown (2004).

If this isn’t it, could you tell me what the creature was like?

pori Selected answer as best Jul 15, 2022

Yes. That is it. I’ve just watched it. Well done mate. Thanks for your help.


The movie has been identified. It was Alien Lockdown (2004). But thanks for trying to help. I appreciate it. I will watch those xtro movies, though. I like those kind of movies with aliens and experiments etc.


Very good effort, and thanks for replying. But it’s not The Superdeep. I’m pretty sure the movie I am looking for is older than that. Thanks again.