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TV movie mid-1970’s, of boy surviving being stranded on a tropical sland

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This movie gripped me, and I’ve never forgotten it, maybe it was on Walt Disney’s Sunday movie. I’m not sure, but it was on TV. This was the 1970s and there were no videos then. In the story the young boy is separated from his family, lost at sea somehow and ends up on an island. It’s all quite tropical, and probably in the South Pacific or Vanuatu or somewhere. In the area where there used to be headhunters, and cannibals, and in fact, in the end, he ends up having to run for his life as barges with cannibals come to the island–which has been absolutely deserted until then.

I don’t know if there is any dialogue whatsoever. Maybe the cannibals shouting at him. But as a young one myself, maybe the age of the boy in the film, I was intrigued by his survival skills and terrified at the aggressive tribesmen from another group who wanted to catch him.

Does anyone know anything about this movie? As in the title, when it was made, or anything.


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The Wonderful World Of Disney: Call It Courage (1973).

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@farcry YES! That’s it! I remembered last night the boy’s name began with “M” as well, that is definitely the one I’m talking about. I forgot some of the plot lines, but some scenes of it are just etched in my brain. The underwater shot of his canoe gliding over the reef, then, the cannibals–with their barge-type manned dugouts, getting stuck on the reef.

Thank you! Now I have to try and find it so I can watch it again! 🙂