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Trying to remember a film where a kid called Amy mails herself to a boys birthday party

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The main characters name was Amy, it starts off with her waking up, talking to the camera and brushing her teeth. Her sister is really good at drawing shoes and her parents pay more attention to her.

An old man lives next door and he is a bit creepy, but her sister ends up befriending him and he is actually really nice and teaches her how to paint.

She moves schools or something and doesn’t have many friends, her teacher suggests she write a list of all the people in her class and try to make friends with them one by one.

She tries to make friends with this one girl Simone. She goes over her house but she has to take her shoes off and the house is really clean. The girl speaks in whispers and disappears at some point, Simone’s mom is creepy too.

She is invited to this boys birthday party ( i think his name was ryan?) and she bought him this big water/super soaker gun. but she can’t get there so she gets into a box and mails herself to him. There is a snake in the truck with her at some point and she uses the super soaker to get it away.

A boy who lives next door to her also teaches Amy and her sister how to be safe if there’s a house fire.

farcry Answered question Jun 2, 2022