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Time-travel romantic comedy about guy who tries to get the girl but keeps messing up?


I saw a trailer online a few months ago for a movie (or it MIGHT be a TV show?) that I think came out within the past few years. It really intrigued me and I really want to see it, but for the life of me I cannot remember the title. It is a time-travel, second-chances type romantic comedy movie about a young guy (late teens / early twenties?) who messes up his chance to be with the girl he is in love with, but he gets another chance (I think he has to wait a while before is able to travel back in time to a certain fateful night). He spends the waiting time by learning everything he can about the girl, but then when he time-travels back to the same fateful night he just comes off as a weird stalker because he lays it on too thick that he knows so much about her. So then he has to go back yet again and try his luck the next time, and so on. I would love to know the title of this movie, if anyone has any idea?
Just to pre-empt a likely response which I already anticipate: No, the movie is NOT “About Time” (2013, writer/director Richard Curtis, starring Rachel MacAdams and Domhnall Gleeson); I have seen that movie and I know this sounds a bit similar to some elements of that movie (also a time-travel romantic comedy), but the movie I am looking for is definitely a different one. I’m pretty sure that the movie I’m looking for was released within the past five years. Please tell me if you know!

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That’s it! You found it! Thank you so much! 🙂

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