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Thriller about a wealthy man who wants to talk to a yeti (?).

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Release date: At least 7 years old. Maybe 2000-2015.

Most of the movie is set in a snowy (arctic?) region.

The rich guy is obssessed with the yeti, he hires two guys to help him find it.

The helpers don’t believe in the yeti, they are doing it for the money.

They build an igloo for themselves and they spend the nights in it. They hear howling in the dark.

It often looks like a found-footage movie.

The two trackers get killed by the yeti and only the rich guy is left. He still wanted to communicate with the beast but it didn’t reply, it just killed the man.

It’s not The Untold AKA Sasquatch (2002).

farcry Posted new comment Feb 17, 2022

we aren’t thinking this is an indian film like “yeti obhijaan” ?

Thanks, I’ve forwarded it!