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Swedish or Estonian black & white movie about a guy who constantly sucks on lollipops.

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Date: Judging by the cars and clothes, it’s not older than 30 years.

Everything is black and white except the lollipops which are red.
He carries a fanny pack full of sweets and the glove box of his beat-up car is also full of chocolate bars and soda.
In the trunk there was a human-sized, naked, female doll but in the film’s universe it could have represented the corpse of a dead woman, I don’t know.
One night he stops his car somewhere desolate, maybe under a bridge. He opens the trunk and throws some chains and car parts (?) in the water. He smokes a cigarette, then carefully gets the doll/corpse out of the trunk.

It’s not:
The Doll (1962)

farcry Asked question May 20, 2021