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Serial Killer hiding in Movie theater (kills cop)

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Tough one, cause it’s neither “Popcorn” nor “Angustia”: Horror/Slasher/Serial killer movie from mid-80s. Maniacal killer escapes from mental ward and hides out in a movie theater. Patrons and employees are killed one-by-one. The police are called and the lead investigator is an African-American gentleman who decides to sit and think about the case in the middle of the empty theater. It is daytime. When evening comes, an usher finds the detective still sitting there. The usher approaches and taps him on the shoulder. The detective is dead. The final scenes take place in an attic above the theater – on a walkway with tight crawl space.

farcry Answered question Jul 25, 2022

Hero and the Terror (1988).

Google: movie|film+escapes|escaped+mental|asylum+”movie theater”|”movie theatre”+killer+hides|hiding

Lou914 Posted new comment Jul 30, 2022

Wow! Just watched it – This movie hits all the points…serial killer, dead detective in movie theater, fight in the rafters and crawling spaces…BUT, its not the movie! No Chuck Norris in it. They must have made quite a few movies with these same features back in the day! Thanks, farcry!