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School drama

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Place of this movie is school/some city. The girl who studies at this school has roomate, they want to by part of some elite club. Girl goes to economy (subject). The roomate is secret old friend of this girl. The end of this movie is at prison.

One girl in this movie cut her wrists, and then at hospital jumped out of window and fell on car (this actress has short black hair; and these two girls have blond/light brown hair).

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Clique (2017-2018).

“… finds Fay bleeding in the bath and saves her from a suicide attempt. Fay is taken to hospital, but when Holly visits her and runs into Jude, Fay kills herself by jumping out of the window and landing on the car behind them.”

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OMG, that´s it. I thought that i´ll never find it again. Thank you so much! 🙂