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random horror movie on the tubi app

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ok so I sit for clients and this one always plays movies but they pick them so fast i never see the title of them. anywhos this one starts out with this man and his daughter for some insane reason his daughter is playing hopscotch in the middle of the road a drunk driver ends up killing her fastforward later there is a teenage girl in the hospital they never really reveal why but she super depressed the doctor urges the mother to not press on her and to let her ease in to being social again. the mother ignores this request and forces the daughter to go out with some friends the friends pick going into the woods the daughter doesn’t want to really go but goes another major scene is when they actually get to the town an old lady and a younger guy own a gas station that is when the killer is reveal and he kills both of them then not to long after the kids show up and everyone thinks the store is unmanned and they take a couple of beer cases there is a character that stands out the most his name is jared thats all i really got cause i didnt get to see the whole movie

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Nobody Gets Out Alive (2013).

Google: movie|film+horror|thriller+hopscotch+jared+killer -2015 -1980

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Omg thank you that was driving me crazy 😅😅