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Psychological Horror/Drama movie that I cant remember the name of


Hello, thanks in advance, here it goes:
Color movie, released before or during 2013-ish. The plot is similar to GONE GIRL (2014)
Picture the perfect married couple, wife had really dark hair and husband was a successful businessman. However the wife grows “tired/bored” of her husband so she makes a scheme, playing the victim, that results in her husband being deemed crazy and sent to a mental institution, -sentenced by a trial.
Throughout the movie, the wife visits her husband at the mental institution. He learns bit by bit that she was the culprit and that she is actively doing all the right moves to keep him in there. The husband tries to desperately convince people that he wasn’t crazy, and to gather evidence that his wife was to blame for all this. She however thought of EVERY SINGLE DETAIL and he was left with NOTHING to hold on to.
During the last visit, he told her something along the lines of “you’ve thought of everything, but one thing” and proceeds to strangle her to death, since he had nothing to lose.
Thank you again,

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Dream Lover (1993).

Google: movie|film+thriller+wife+husband+mental|asylum+trial+strangles -2005

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YES! it’s this one!
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