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Old movie made about 1970/80’s

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I’m looking for a movie I saw years ago. Set in 1930-1960’s about 2 college age men back-packing across Europe. They are on the side if a hill in Scotland or Ireland when one twists an ankle. They go to a cottage at the bottom of the hill and the injured one stays to heal and the other man goes on. The injured one ends up falling in love with the daughter and, of course, they make love. When he heals, he leaves and promises to come back for her. Once home, he realizes she would never fit in with his life and he never goes back. Years later, he and his family are on the same hill where he was injured and he sees a woman in the yard and wonders if it is her. They end up at the cottage somehow and in a round about way, without giving himself away, he finds out the girl died giving birth to his son. As they are driving away, he sees a young man by the road and knows it’s his son. The End. Anyone know it?

farcry Answered question Aug 3, 2021