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Old fantasy movie

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The movie was about this mystical place deep in forest, so deep that no human would ever find it. This clan of mystical human-like creatures live there, there are mostly good ones but there are also some not great ones -who cause problems. They live inside tree trunks. The leader is a older one with a beard and he has visions every once in a while.
The protagonist is a friend of the leader, he is constantly going on adventures to help the clan. He has a group of friends that didnt go on adventures with him, but they helped him organize and they were really smart. They some sort of orb like things to communicate while apart. It had these weird human like puppets (either it was puppets or some weird stop motion, could have possibly of been marionettes). I vividly remember this one scene where there were 4 or 5 puppets sitting around a table. There was one with the long beard, and the main puppet,a girl puppet and another 2 side characters. They were discussing a problem in the woods and the main character decides he should go on a mission to fix it. Later in the movie you see the bearded guy has some sort of vision of something. The bearded guy and the girl are talking about their concern for the man character. The mains characters name was something like Jema or Julius. And the girl’s name was possibly Emma or Emily. The puppets sorta resemble the characters from the dark crystal.

Beccalynn Asked question Aug 1, 2020