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Need help with movie title. I believe it has prince or princes in the title

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This is a movie that I believe was filmed in the 80s. It follows a boy who attends a camp for children suffering from cancer. He has brain cancer and says it’s in its last stage. The movie watches him go through accepting his fate and learn how to enjoy the time he has left. He has to see a nurse who is in her 20s and eventually asks her to take hia virginity, and is subsequently turned down. For the most part he is okay with everyone but a boy seems to dislike him right off the bat. They but heads until the other boy goes critical due to the fact he has leukemia. He asks for the protagonist to attend him at the hospital and watches as he struggles to stay alive. Realizing that he was so energetic and carefree at the camp not because he was a jerk, but because he was making the most with the time he has left. As he lays dying they have a heart to heart where he promises to build him a ramp when he’s well again. Only for him to pass shortly after, the protagonist still persists on building a ramp for him. Only stopping to help a girl with on leg in a show they are to pick partners and perform. He treats her poorly at first siting it doesn’t matter. When he realizes that his friend he only knew for so short passed he starts to change heart and open up. Realizing his mistake he embraces his time left even making plans in the future to come visit the girl after camp.

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Princes in Exile (1990).

Google: girl+kids|boy|boys+leukemia+brain+camp

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