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Naive American archer figure in an antique shop, teens swimming and eaten by black monster

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There are 4 parts to the movie – so each story is just over 20 mins ish.

It’s like a fantasy/horror. I only remember the two stories:

1. Antique shop – a figure of American Indian archer. One guy was really rude and disrespectful. The figure later became alive and shot the arrow and kill the guy.
2. Swimmer and monster – a group of teens swimming in a lake. A black monster killed all but one. The last boy swam so fast that he finally made it on the shore – on the ground/beach, he looked at the black thing in the water. He said I am out, how can you get me? The monster suddenly jumped out of the water…and that’s the end of the movie.
3 ?
4 ?

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moviewatchingfool Posted new comment Oct 10, 2021

I believe that the movie your looking for is called Creepshow 3


@casspir Dude you rule! Many thanx!

90210 Answered question Oct 9, 2021