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Movie where man wants to commit suicide but someone offered him lot of money to spend ??

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I dont remember a lot, more like a few different pictures but I think man wanted to jump from the bridge or something like that
and some guy sees him and offers him a lot of illegal money (maybe 1 million) to first spend and enjoy and then he can die or someone (maybe mafia) will
kill him beacuse of that.
I can remember that he buyed or rented a big house and had a lot of fun, filled the pool with champagne.
I think he got 1 month to spend the money and then they will kill him.
At the end he fell in love with some girl and didnt wanted to die.
Man who gave him the money said he lied to him and would not kill because it was his money or from his organization that just needed to be spent.
Thats it. I hope it will be helpful.
thanks in advance

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Thank you very much.. That’s it!