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Movie title search driving me crazy

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I am searching for the title of a movie. It is a suspense/thriller type film with the word “cool” in the title. A couple (I think on there honeymoon) goes to a rented house and finds another couple already there. The couple already there are criminals and hold the honeymoon couple hostage until morning when the criminal couple’s friend meets them at the rented house. The criminal couple has a strong New York accent, the guy is really tall and bald with tattoos everywhere, his name in the cast list was like SXPY or something, I think he is a musician in real life. This movie seems like an independent type film. I searched the web for hours but can not find the damn movie. I thought one of the criminals was Kyle Davis, but not according to IMDB. Anyone out there know this movie by any chance?

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pori Selected answer as best Nov 12, 2020

Nobody Can Cool (2015).

IMDb “Advanced Title Search” with “cool” in the title field and “couple” in the plot field did the trick.

pori Selected answer as best Nov 12, 2020

Thank you, I never would have remembered that title.