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Movie on Netflix about 8 years ago about a man whose car breaks down in the back hills SE USA.


The film was made 2005 – 2015 (I think). It is comedy/drama. Lost in the back hills while looking for a particular construction site, his car breaks down. A man in a pick-up tows the car to his house trailer in the woods. The trailer is lit up with Christmas lights (like party time). There’s a scene early on where the man is in a motel room. He finds a business card offering phone sex. He calls, but the lady who answers is comically inept at the task. Later in the film he meets her by chance. There is another scene with a tomato fight in a garden. At the end of the film the man goes home to his family and gives his son a teddy bear for the birthday he missed while away on business. What was the title of this movie?

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Thank you, Farcry. Box of Moonlight is correct.


Thank you, Farcry. Perhaps I couldn’t find it in my search because I had some key details wrong. Humans will always be better at this than computers.