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Movie about indian boy american girl (maybe at chef school)

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Hi i have been looking for this movie for ages now. I saw it as a kid and I can only remember 2-3 scenes which are the following:

1. Everyone had chef clothes on and the guy bullied/hit on the girl which lead her to hit him with a bowl of salad which made his clothes dirty. Later on the girl receives a package not knowing from whom and when she opens it she she’s the boys dirty chef clothes.

2. The boy walks into a shop to buy a cd and he gets to find out that a girl/(maybe same girl but before the incidence with dirty chef clothes) already took the last one. Then he fakes being blind and bump into her and ask her the cd he’s looking for. This makes the girl sad and she gives him the cd and later finds out he lied.

3. After one of the incidences from above the girl gets angry and start running after the boy (maybe to hit him). The reach a room with a bed and fell on the bed a share a romantic moment.

Please I have been looking and searching for ages, someone please help me. Thanks

farcry Answered question May 8, 2022

It’s been identified on another forum so if anyone was still looking, stop.

Dil Jo Bhi Kahey… (2005).

farcry Answered question May 8, 2022