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Movie about an archeological team on a Roman dig.

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Genre: Adventure, maybe drama, definitely not horror.

I think it’s at least 10 years old.

The protagonist is a male archeologist who is working on a Roman dig with his team.

The movie begins with him having a flashback to his childhood when he was dressed up as a Roman soldier and fought battles against his friend, using wooden swords.

Soon after they begin unearthing ancient artifacts, many people on the dig become sick and they have to resort to trading some of the relics for medicine.

I don’t think there was anything supernatural in it but I could be wrong.

farcry Posted new comment Oct 22, 2020

So many treasure hunting movies I see with archaeologists, and some have rome as a piece of them…can you remember anything else specific?

Unfortunately that’s it. This is one of those that can hardly be searched for, I either get lucky by somebody recognizing it or not.