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Monstermovie in sewer, woman telepathic bond & hears whistling/ringing tone when creature is near


Hello, I have been looking for this movie for ages, have gone through every category on IMDB & can’t find the movie. I believe it is from the late 80s or early 90s.
It is movie with black monster/creature, doesn’t have a human form, it is a bit bigger than a human, doesn’t look like an animal, so no serpent or insect, looks like a more moon landscape skin in a tiny Godzilla vibe without a clear head.
The creature usually is to be found in the sewers/tunnels.
A woman has a telepathic/physic band with the monster/creature. When the monster/creature is near the woman the woman grabs her head because of an irritating whistling/ringing noise in her head.
It includes a scene with a lot of water. I think it was a movie set in a city, not small town, not on a distant planet I think.

Thank you for your help.

farcry Answered question Jun 5, 2022