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Man wants revenge on the 3 gods of his world after killing his lover

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Style: Animated sort of like South Park. If I remember right it was a full length movie animated by 1 man in his computer.

The world was created by a god of wrath/anger, a god of time and a goddess of love. The God of Time and the Goddess of Love were married until after the goddess gave birth to a baby girl, who people began to worship over her, and the god of time fell in love with a mortal woman.

The movie follows a man who is besotted with a woman, who he’s lovers with. I don’t remember why exactly but he goes to the Goddess of Love for something for his lover. When he returns he finds that she’s sleeping with someone else and kills both the woman and the man she was with. He feels toyed with by the gods and heads off to try and kill them, especially the goddess of love.

He meets a small man along the way who goes to help him because he wants to kill the god of time.

When the daughter of the gods grew up she met a man to be with. The goddess of love was jealous of her so attacked them both, mutilating the man and driving him insane and forcing the mad beast of a man to guard his strung up, abused wife so that she would be hidden away.

The goddess of love promptly went on something of a bender in retaliation of the god of time being with someone else and promptly gave birth to a lot of babies from different men she slept with, all in the hope of making the god of time jealous.

I saw this online years ago but for the life of me I cannot remember what it’s called or even who made it.

BubbleFairy04 Asked question Oct 22, 2020