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Late 80s/Early 90s Kids Fantasy Movie?


Guys, help, I’m trying to find this movie my friend is talking about but she can’t remember the title. What we know if the plot is that there’s a young boy whose father is presumed dead but the boy thinks he’s still alive and sets off to find him. Somehow he discovers that he’s the only one worthy of saving a kingdom that’s being ruled over by an evil queen. An old wizard is the one who tells him he is the one who needs to save the kingdom. We’ve narrowed a release window down to between 1987 to around 1992, she doesn’t think it came out later or earlier than that because she used to watch it as a kid. I’ve been googling all day and I can’t find anything that even resembles this plot. If anyone has any clue I would absolutely love to know.

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Chisco Selected answer as best Jul 15, 2022
Chisco Selected answer as best Jul 15, 2022

YESSS, that’s it! Thank you so much!


Mio in the Land of Faraway (1987)?
Just a guess as it has similar plot points, but some of the details are different.

Greenornaments Posted new comment Jul 8, 2022

She says it’s probably not that, there’s definitely a queen involved