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Japanese whistling skull of dead soldier

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An eerie whistling sound at the rocky beach cove of a Japanese village, rumored to be coming from the bullet hole in the skull of a dead WW2 soldier lodged somewhere in the cliffs. I think the movie itself is about a small boy that is sent to live in the village, but mostly I just remember the whistling skull premise which might be referenced in the title.

farcry Answered question Apr 26, 2021

The Crying Wind (2004).

Google: movie|film+whistling+skull+bullet+shore|beach|island+japan|japanese

nok32 Edited comment Apr 29, 2021

Yesss! Thank you so much!! I swear I tried googling so many different versions of that. Crazy it has no reviews.
Something about the premise really stuck with me for some reason even though I think I must have watched this like 10 years ago when it was a “random suggestion” on surrealmoviez. I was starting to think it was really a phantom dream figment memory and I should just write the story myself lol.