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I want to find that creepy movie so bad, I watched it when i was a kid


Hi guys!. I watched that movie in early 2000s. It was a children movie but i bet it is +16 😀

There was a girl who has a grandma and than she finds out that she is a princess or something like that. And than she goes to a trip to save the world.

The most specific thing is There are cats with human faces but like a mask, very creepy and also cats can talk and guide her to the a tower with high stairs.

The film is mostly dark and creepy stuff. Cats are very creepy I want very much to watch it againn!!

Please guys, i hope i remember correct and you know the moviee.

farcry Answered question May 4, 2021

The cats with faces remind me of Mirrormask (2005).

farcry Changed status to publish May 4, 2021