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I forgot the name of the movie HELPP..

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So i remember the movie but i cant seem to remember the name of it. Its a romance movie
The movie starts with them introducing the characters the main girl of the movie is a girl who job is an interior designer and she runs the comapny with her sister yhey run the company out of their living room she has been engaged 3 times and each time she would leave her finance at the altar beacuse she is scared to get married to the worng person and the guy works in an office ( i forgit his job) and he is meant to be a play boy his friends tell him that he is not the type of guy girls marry but he is the guy they date before they meet the guy they are going to marry and he claims that he can get any girl to marry him within a week so they bet him his office for a corner desk instead the two main characters meet in a an art shiw where his friend tells him that is the girl he has to get to marry him knowing that she doesnt want a relationship beacuse he tried to speak to her before when the guy tries to speak to her she shoots hin down then her sister who is a lesbian ( if that helps) gives him her business card and the guy goes to their office and hires her to redesign his apartment and the movie goes on from their he volunteers at the dog shelter she volunteers at to get closer to her and when she sees him standing up for a dog that was getting returned by someone that had adopted him she dives into him a kisses him she then finds out from her last finance that it was all a bet and she breaks up with the main guy and at the end of the movie they get married at her parents living room after he convinces her he has actual feelings for her i skipped a couple bits of the movie like the fact he lost his car to her ex-fiancé in a game of poker

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A Bride for Christmas (2012).

Google: movie|film+altar+marry+”dog shelter”|”animal shelter”

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