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I am looking for an anime-styled movie that was on Netflix in the early to mid 2010s.


The movie started with a class visiting a history museum for a field trip. In the class is a group of three friends, a leader type, a nerd, and a girl. It is the leader’s birthday and he is complaining about having to visit a museum. The three of them sneak off to a back room in the museum and find an Aztec calendar. They also meet three animal companions. The leader gets a grasshopper who’s riding on a leaf, the nerd gets a chameleon who used to be his imaginary friend, and the girl gets a hummingbird. Throughout the movie the three friends realize they are able to combine with their animal companion. They travel through time where they meet others like them and have to overcome different challenges. They meet a boy who combines with a cat and someone who looks like ra the sun god. The Chameleon guy has to fight a stone monster and the other two have to beat the cat boy in an ancient ball game. The three reconvene and go to ancient china where they meet a baby emperor. Some more time passes and the three of them return to the present where they have to stop some big threat and are watched from the side by the baby emperor who is now an old man with his own dragon companion. The end.

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Guardians of the Lost Code 3D (Brijes 3D, 2010).

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