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Hello Fellow Movie Lovers,

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Kickbobby Answered question Aug 12, 2022

I had been using QUORA but without success. Received a correct answer here on FilmFind quite quickly. Also, QUORA is so slow on my old PC. Just as slow as the new IMDb, whereas FilmFind pages load fast. Thanks.


I would love to be able to see all the questions/threads I comment on as a tab in my profile, so I can keep track of all these old ones I post on. The site is awesome by the way!

jennifermparker Posted new comment Nov 2, 2020

I second that. There was a similar feature, Recent Updates for Me, on NameThatMovie. is the best option currently to browse your past activity.

Great site. One thing, you click on points it tells you when you earned a point for a comment, but not what the question was you commented on. As opposed to points for an answer where you can click on the question you answered and go to it

I was impressed to get an answer to my first query within a couple of hours!


I found this website by trial and error and I’m so glad I did. I LOVE IT!
The only thing I ask is of the fellow Filmfinders seeking an answer.
Please let us know when we got it right. It makes me and I’m sure the others feel good to know we helped you. So for the ones “who can’t sleep” or are breaking out with hives
until they get the right answer, don’t just check in to see if it’s posted and run. Give us a click to say we did. It takes a second and that small acknowledgement makes someone else very happy.
Other then that ROCK ON FILMFIND and fans!

Deewee Answered question Apr 15, 2021

I would love to have a “Convert this answer into a comment” option, as was the case on your other site, NameThatMovie. This feature comes in handy when a user submits the wrong answer, or when someone wants to make a comment, but instead of clicking on the Comment button he/she uses the Answer option.

Filmfind Posted new comment Aug 14, 2020

Yes, I agree, it’s a terrible pain.


This style of answering is likely carried over from the old days at NTM, where I emphasized only posting it as an answer if you were above 50% sure.

That probably wasn’t the best guideline then, and definitely doesn’t work now with the current software the community is run on, because I used to be able to convert comments to questions, but this is no longer the case.

I’m going to update the guidelines on the Ask form to try and improve things a bit, but this might be a better discussion for

I’ve added notes to both the ask and answer forms now, and *maybe* that’ll help a little.

Thanks! I noticed I could edit the titles. I will add “SOLVED” to the title for solved questions.

Actually, please avoid editing titles to add “solved.”

It’s important that the question be properly marked as solved.

Nudging the person who actually got it right to add it as an answer is a good first step, but if after a few days they haven’t, it’s okay to simply add the answer yourself and mark as best.

I realize that’s not ideal and it may seem unfair like you’re stealing points, but at the end of the day, the most important thing is that someone was helped and the question is correctly marked as solved.


Just found this site, and love it.

Thank you so much. You guys helped me find a movie That no other site could.

Me and my grandfather owe you a coke.

Filmfind Posted new comment Aug 14, 2020

Happy to hear it. 🙂


I would like a category with the answered questions, because I’m often interested in the correct answer myself. If I “subscribe” to a question, that means I’ve bookmarked it, but how can I call it up? The same goes for the flag, or what does that mean?

Otherwise, great site.


Kickbobby Posted new comment Aug 12, 2022 kind of works. works a little better.

Yes, currently, subscribing is just an email notification feature, but there’s no list of questions you’ve subscribed to that you can refer to.

Flagging should only be used when you’re reporting that there’s something wrong with a question, answer, or comment. Maybe something as simple as a duplicate question or something more abusive or illegal.

Thank you for this very quick answer – respect! =) At first, my apology for using the flag at wrong places. It will not happen again.

I wonder why, some questions vanish from my first view in the “Answer” list, although they are not marked as solved. What is the reason?

And at last – is “Pori” a Part of your Team? =)



Cool site!
What I would suggest is a “FAQ” tab
which explains the basics like how points are awarded, how does
one become an Expert, and the best way to “Ask”
a question. Remind askers that a Question Title of “Help me with this movie”
is not that helpful.
PS How do I change my avatar from a Capital Letter to a pic?

OmegaMan Posted new comment Jun 22, 2022

Not sure how some answers get “selected as the Best Answer”.
I don’t see a button or option for doing that. Thx


Maybe sort the “Answer” section so that “Solved” are at the end of the list as opposed to the interstitial that they are now?

Filmfind Posted new comment Apr 4, 2022

When you click on “Answer” from the main menu, it will take you to, where it shouldn’t show you “Solved” questions at all.


i can’t post, it says “trying to cheat?!” i don’t know why

Filmfind Posted new comment May 31, 2021

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