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A boy reads a book with a lizard/iguana on his shoulder

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Posting again because I accidentally answered it instead of just commenting…

I don’t remember the plot exactly, but the main character was a boy, he lived with his father, who (I think) was a scientist, and I remember two scenes:
He rode a bike in an awesome way, through every kind of ground – especially rugged, with dirt and mud;
He read a book with his lizard (which lived in a kind of terrarium behind his bed) on his shoulder.

I think it was an adventure, live-action movie. I watched it on TV when I was a child, and I think I didn’t see it entirely.
Perhaps the villain was a woman and she had something to do with the boy’s father

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No, I think it is from early 2000’s instead of the 90’s. The boy’s pet was actually a lizard, not a dinossaur…
And the movie had a bit of adventure-mistery vibe, like the Three Ninjas or The Little Vampire (the movie, not the cartoon)

Max Keeble’s Big Move had a pet bearded dragon (lizard)

OMG it’s Max Keeble’s Big Move!!! Thank you so much!
It’s so different from what I remember, though haha. I must have mixed it up with some other movie, in my memory it wasn’t so dumb.

But you found it! HOW DO YOU DO THAT??