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I’ve been trying to find this TV show for a long time. I hope that I can give you enough informations so you can identify it:

I think that this was first episode of that show where every episode where separate for it self. It is from early or middle 2000s. It is about two teens that are driving around suburbia and they stop near one house, where is the party, because one of them had to do something in that house. The other one was waiting outside and in one moment all dusty and dirty man was running to him, from back of the yard and hose, and he was telling him something like “Don´t come in the house.” But he was scared and he came in. He was trying to find his friend, but everyone was acting weird, no body talked to him, they just danced. He turned off music and everyone in the room just freeze, nobody was moving. Meanwhile he found his friend, who has become the same as rest of them. He found out that they are like that because they drank some drink in that house. He was trying to get out from the house but there wan no way out. The doors, windows, everything was shut down. Somehow he menage to get out from the house through chimney. He got out and started running, all dusty and dirty, and he saw some dude in front of the house and he told him not to get in, but he got in… It was him. He was somehow stuck in the time loop. I´am not sure about this but next episode was about some plastic surger and his wife. He did some plastic surgeries on her and in the end it looked realy bad. Hope that this describe is not too boring and confusing, or too long. And sorry for my english. I’d be really grateful if you can help me, thanks!

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Nevena Selected answer as best Feb 25, 2018

Sounds like the episode “Party On” from the TV show Dark Realm which aired in 2000-2001.
You can check out the episode on YouTube here.

“A horror anthology series. Each episode features an eerie and terrifying story from the darkest realm.”

Also, the plastic surgery episode is called “She’s The One

Nevena Posted new comment Feb 25, 2018

That is it! Thank you!!