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Five forgotten movies

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1) Old movie about pirates or other bandits. At the end of movie, pirate in water shouts “I’m still alive!” and horrible monster pull down him under water.

2) It’s movie or TV Series from 90’s. The man is scared, because black panther goes to him. When animal is very near, the man shouts “Forgive me Father, because I’m sinner”. Black panther resigns and lector says: “The humility is the most important”.

3) It’s movie or episode of TV Series connected with prison. Two guys are prisoners. Cruel jailer says: “You are free” and first guy is free. Then cruel jailer kills hims with gun and says to second guy “You will be suffer yet”.

4) It’s animated movie from 80’s or 90’s. I remember only forest and group of teenagers. First guy says: “It’s good idea that somebody invented light”. Second guy says: “Sure. If it weren’t for electricity, we’d all be watching television by candlelight”.

5) It’s the most difficult task, because I don’t remember any plot. There are music band in disco. The singer in black glasses sings: “No! No! No! No! (then break) and then: “No! No! No! No!”. There were other lyrics too. It’s very similar chorus to “Get Get Down” by Paul Jonhson. The movie is from 90’s and USA.

wositelec Asked question Nov 24, 2020