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Film About Elderly Couple

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I watched a film about an edlerly couple sometime around 2010-2016 probably on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video in the USA and I can’t remember too many details about it. I think it was maybe a foreign film (Czech comes to mind) and not old, probably filmed in the 2000 or early 2010s. I don’t think it was a huge budget or incredibly popular film.

I think the cover image is them sitting on a park bench. What I remember most is that the wife seems kind of obsessed with planning their end of life affairs and the husband is still full of life and not concerned with death. I remember one scene most clearly at the beginning of the film and they are together at a cemetery and the wife is very excited about their grave plots. I think I remember another scene where the old man is in a cafe drinking espresso or coffee with his friends. I think maybe he goes on some kind of adventure or hijinks. I feel like it was a cute movie about an ornery old man still having fun in life while his wife was spending the last of her years obsessing about age and death.

For whatever it’s worth, I think it probably had a compelling or cute title or something that would make me choose to start watching a movie I knew nothing at all about. I’m thinking I chose to watch it, because it was a foreign film with a title that I liked.

I have checked my viewing history with no luck on both my Netflix and Amazon Prime Video accounts all the way back to mid 2014 when I first signed up for both. Before that, I shared accounts.

Thank you reading and taking your time with this vague description!

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