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Does anyone remember a CGI cartoon movie that has steampunk goblins, fairies and turtle people?

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The first thing I remember about this movie, is that it was a CGI film with bright colors. There were three races in this movie, The highest ranking were human sized fairies that lived in a European style feudal civilization. They were super rich and powerful and generally looked down on the turtle people who lived on the ground below.
I’m calling the second group “turtle people” because they were green and bald, but I can’t remember if they had shells or not. Anyway, the main guy character is one of the turtle people and I can’t remember what he was doing, but he ends up meeting with the princess of the fairies on one of her trips to the surface world. She’s nice to him, but she has a bodyguard who’s super snobby towards the main character on account of the fact that the fairies have wings, and the turtle people don’t.
I remember there was a character among the fairies, and I think it was the snobby bodyguard, who had a massive gambling problem. he has an insignia; I think in the shape of a silver dragon, and he ends up losing it to a shady person during one of his wagers. It was super important, if I remember correctly, it was a key to enter a forbidden area in the kingdom and he gets thrown in jail with the turtle guy, but I can’t remember exactly what the turtle guy is in for. The jail, I’m pretty certain is inside a dark cave. The cages are suspended from the ceiling with chains and the prisoners are close enough to talk to each other.
The bodyguard and the turtle guy bicker till eventually one of them does something clever and drops the cage down. Then a monster tries to eat them, and they have to fight that.
I remember that the big bad is an evil fairy lady who had her wings chopped off as punishment for assassinating the former queen of the fey. She also got exiled to a badlands looking place inhabited by goblins. The goblins are green and have long limbs and advanced technology. I remember that she had a crazy looking one follow the main characters in a helicopter during one scene.
I also remember that the goblins aren’t originally going to go along with her plan. She has a bunch of their leaders in a room during one scene and she tells them her evil plan, and I think they laugh at her or something cause next thing you know, she’s disposing of them with a death trap she built into the room. I think it dropped the floor out from beneath them, but they might have gotten barbecued or caged instead.
I also remember that she has a pet creature that kind of looks like a cross between a bird and a dragon. She uses it to deliver messages back and forth between her and a spy in the Fairie’s royal court. At one point, one of the main characters treats it kindly so when the final confrontation happens, it gives them an item that both the character and the evil, wingless fairy needed. When this happens, the evil fairy says something along the lines of “I should have stuffed you when I had the chance!” I don’t remember if she had any taxidermized animals or not, but I do remember her threatening it with that.
I watched this movie on Netflix when I was around the age of five, which was roughly 15 yrs. ago and haven’t been able to find it since. It’s bugged me since then. I suspect that it might have been a European movie, but I don’t know for certain.

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Delgo (2008).

Google: movie|film+winged|wings+creatuers+queen+jail|prison -“princess and the goblin” -“green goblin”

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That looks like it. Thanks!


Nope, it wasn’t strange magic. I watched this movie a looong time ago and the latest it could have come out was 2010. I believe it was out earlier than that, somewhere in the timeframe of 2005-2008. Thanks for the suggestion anyway, but I know it wasn’t strange magic.