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An old man and his two daughters living in the countryside until unwelcome guests arrive.

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I think it was made in the 80s in Europe, don’t know exactly where, I saw it with Hungarian dubbing.
It’s set maybe towards the end of the Middle Ages, the only clue for dating it, is an anicent looking handgun.
A poor old man with grayish hair is living peacefully in the countryside with his two teenage/young adult daughters when two rough looking men approach their home. They are either mercenaries or discharged soldiers. Maybe one of them was simply called “Corporal”.
I think one of them claims that he is the brother of the old man and he demands some inheritence. The old man denies having any relationship to him.
Then they leave for the time being but actually stay around to harass them. For example they set fire to their crops and they kill their oxen and put their heads on stakes.
The situation culminates with the old man and the two guys getting into a physical altercation, in which one of the guys shoot the old man in the back with a pistol, killing him.

Then the movie turns into a revenge plot with the two daughters as protagonists.
They manage to lure the guy called Corporal into the forest where they have set up a trap for him. He falls into the trap and they stab him to death with a stake I think.
In a following scene an old wise woman or witch who knew the two soldiers tells the other guy that “The Corporal has been killed.” This prompts the other guy to look for the girls but the girls kill him too somehow, maybe near a brook in the forest.

Then I think the movie ends with the old woman throwing her deck of fortune telling cards in the brook.

farcry Asked question Aug 24, 2020