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90s comedy about two rivaling bounty hunters,

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One of them is Mexican and the other is American.
They steal cases from each other until they get an assignment they have to work together on.
At one point they make a bet which one of them can eat more chili and they both end up drinking water from a fish tank.
It’s not Midnight Run (1988).

farcry Answered question Jan 9, 2022

are they both male? this cannot be like the dudikoff bounty hunters franchise, right?

Thanks for the tip, I’ve forwarded the question!

I’ve got a reply. They are both men, a tall, thin American and a short, stocky Mexican. It has at least one sequel.

so it turns out Christopher Mcdonald was the star of some tv “sequels” to midnight run. midnight runaround, another midnight run, midnight run for your life. MRFYL takes place mainly in Mexico and may be buddy comedy- esque .

None of them has the chili-eating + head in the fishtank scene unfortunately. All three are up on so I was able to skim through them.
Much appreciated though.


I’ve forwarded these and I’m waiting for a reply. I think they look promising, especially the 1st one. Thank you!

farcry Posted new comment Jan 17, 2022

any word back from the questioner?

Never heard back Farcry?

Sadly no, no reply to this day.