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80’s horror with cabin in the woods

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I saw this movie in the early 90’s and it was burned into my memory, but I’ve been unable to find it for years now… any help would be super appreciated!

It was a horror movie, my best guess is mid to late 80’s, but could’ve been 70’s or very early 90’s (unlikely).

-The movie starts with the filming of a western-like movie
-2 young men and 2 young women (at least one was an actor in the western film) drive through a forest
-one of them sees a woman in the distance looking scared and running from something
-they pull over and go to investigate. They see blood on the trees
-they come across a house in the forest, with a barn next to it. The owners are currently not there
-they enter the house, look around, and find a human head inside a refrigerator
-for some reason they decide to spend the night inside the house
-at one point, one of the women is grabbed by a strange man who pops up from behind a shower curtain
-when the other characters can’t find her, they find a VHS tape that shows her being tortured in the barn next to the house. A plastic bag was taped over her head to suffocate her (I don’t remember if she lived or died)
-at some point the characters are being chased in the woods during the night by men with crossbows and the film ends shortly after. Not sure if anyone survived

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