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1990s film abt Wayward Teen in Crooked Mental Institution

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I saw this film in the 1990s (probably early 90s). A teenager gets into trouble (at one point I think he drives a car into a swimming pool) and is committed to a mental hospital. Once there, he soon finds that the staff have no interest in his troubles, and are interested only in milking his medical insurance. Even the janitor despises the kids, dismissing them as “rich trash” or something close, who have just been binned there by parents who can’t be bothered with them. This impression is conformed when he absconds and on getting home finds that his old room has been completely cleared out, as if he had never existed.

I remembered it as having a short title, something like “The Road Home” or “The Way Back” but despite considerable googling of these and similar word combinations, have so far been unable to trace it. Does it ring a bell with anyone?

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Mikestone8 Posted new comment Dec 21, 2021

That’s it all right. I see it has an alternative title, The Road Home, which matches perfectly. Many thanks.

I wouldn’t exactly call that youth an angel, but he was certainly lost.


Lost Angels (1989).

I’ve found it with this:
Google: movie|film+kid+”swimming pool”+mental|asylum|rehab

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