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Zombie movie stuck in my head (I think)


I just finished rewatching “I am Legend”, but as I apporached the end of the film, I started to get very confused. In my head, at the end of the film, as they find themselves surrounded by the undead, Will Smith decides to hand over the cure to the mother and son that were hiding with him. After this, he shows them an escape route, and once both mother and son are safe, he grabs a granade and decides to commit suicide to save them from the incomming “zombies”. After a dark screen, mother and son appear in front of a community surrounded by walls, showing the viewer that they reached Vermont and that the colony was in fact, still there.
My question is, is this ending I just described part of another zombie movie, or did I just create an alternative ending to “I am Legend” in my head.
Thanks for the help in advanced.

Eme On Posted new comment Apr 1, 2021

It seems as though this happens later in the credits.

There are different endings for that movie. 🙂