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Yellow road

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The boy who is teleported to an ancient age has to follow a path that leads to a certain place in a mountainous and plain area, as if formed by yellow magic powder or yellow flowers.
While walking on the yellow road to reach a certain position, he sees people hanging on the railings on the side of the road.
A person he sees is alive, he gives him water, he gets the information of the danger that may happen to him.
someone is following him.
I think this person was looking for a wizard.
I think he was entering a dark house afterwards.

Nish951 Posted new comment Aug 22, 2022

Sounds like an adaption of The Wizard of OZ. How old is the boy, stays he alone while his voyage? Which period the movie is playing? Children or adult Movie?

I checked the wizard of oz movies but they weren’t
The boy was alone at first, then a middle-aged man came to him, his age seemed to be between 35 and 45. he was also handsome.
the boy looked 25 years old
It looked like it was played in the middle ages.
Although the scenes of the movie I saw took place at the top of the mountain, it was clearly understood that it was medieval at some points.
The movie was strictly for adults. There was a human being strangled, and the crow was pecking at the human.