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WWII Movie – Wife Gives Medal to Deceased Husband’s Parents

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I saw this movie in the last five years but it could be older. I think the main character is the one who was killed at the end. During the movie, he would get cushier jobs than others in their squadron. He felt guilty about it but someone in his chain of command kept pushing him. I think but may be mistaken, they were in Italy. For some reason (training?) he was sent to a different base and met the woman who was in charge of the mess hall. I think it was on an island. She wouldn\’t date him to begin with because he would be like others who would come and leave. He would be at the mess hall every morning to spend time with her. They got married and he was sent back to the war. He was killed. Later she took his medal and gave to his parents because he was their son longer than he was her husband.

I think it is based on a true story, I think I googled her and she lived near the base where they got married and never remarried.

Its a lot of I don\’t knows but that is why I need to knw the name so I can watch it again!

Thank you for any help you can give

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What you describe is part of the story arc of Marine John Basilone in the 10-part TV mini-series “The Pacific”:

John Basilone wins the Medal of Honor during fighting on Guadalcanal, he is sent back to the US, then I think he is posted to a training base as an instructor, he meets Lena, they marry each other, then Basilone is sent back to the Pacific, and he gets killed. His story is told in several episodes in the series. It is in episode 8 titled “Iwo Jima” when he goes to training troops, meets and marry Lena, then goes to Iwo Jima:
IMDb plot synopsis for this episode:
“Frustrated with his bond selling tour, Basilone goes back to training troops and after marrying a pretty marine sergeant, leads his men at Iwo Jima.”
It is in the last episode titled “Home” when his wife Lena gives his Medal of Honor back to his parents:
From IMDb plot synopsis for this episode:
“Lena visits John Basilone’s parents and has something of John’s she thinks they should have.”
You can watch this scene on YouTube here:

I am sure this is the movie you are looking for. If you agree, then please select my answer as Best Answer, there is an option for that.

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YES! Thank you!

I thought it was part of Band of Brothers but re-watched it with my mom last week and it wasn’t in there!

I was really confused then!

Thank you!

Lynat Answered question Feb 7, 2019