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Would anyone know the title of this science fiction animation?

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The few things I remember about this animation is that it is science fiction and there have been these scientists that were on this Planet in a space station being turned into monsters by this one scientist who had come in contact with this box found on the planet surface, and something was inside of this box some type of alien technology. A few other scientists came there to the space station on this Planet for what reason I can’t remember, but that is when they had discovered this one scientist had been using this technology on his wife and their baby. The one scientist had even used this technology on himself. Shortly after these other scientists arrived, I remember the baby, this man’s wife and others started to turn into monsters because somebody had triggered something inside the lab where this one scientist had been working and whatever was enclosed in the lab spread throughout the space station turning everyone into monsters. There were a few who had not been turned to monsters, but they were running trying to escape the ones who had turned. I am not sure of the year this animation was made, but it was really good. I would love to see it again if I could find the title. Hope someone can help. Thanks.

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Could it be “Dead Space: Downfall”

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Thank you so much, JoeKing12001 for your answer. Yes, Dead Space Downfall looks like it is the film that I have been looking for. So happy, thanks again.