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World War II movies

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I’m trying to identify these two movies that I saw more than 20 years ago. So they are older than that.

1. There was a house in the woods where a woman lives with her son (or daughter).
And to this house arrive, one by one, a few soldiers looking for shelter. An American, a German, a British, an Italian, a Russian, I don’t remember exactly, but a few soldiers from different armies. Some of them were wounded.
The woman offers them shelter, food and care, but on condition that they put down their weapons and not kill each other.
The action takes place at the end of the war, I think.

2. There was a German Nazi officer and his pregnant wife (or fiancee).
And he has just learned some secret about her (that she was Jewish or a spy or something) and starts beating her up. He punches and kicks her in the stomach to kill the fetus.
The woman survives, loses the pregnancy, and is sent to a concentration camp.
She somehow manages to escape and then gets revenge.

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

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casspir Selected answer as best Feb 8, 2022

Yeeessss!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
This is the first one. How could I forget Linda Hamilton!
Thank you again and still looking for No.2.