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Woman returns to her parents house near a lake with ghosts

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I’m struggling to find the name of this movie and I’m pretty sure most of you will answer quickly.

Around 2005 or 06, a colleague of mine said I should watch a movie about a woman that sees ghosts on a lake.
I remember that back then I started watching and was about a teenager that lived with her parents in their house near a lake.
One night she went to a party and their parents, that stayed at home, died because of a gas leak.
After years of grief, she decides to return to her parent’s house to spend some time away from the city life. And after she returns, she starts seeing people on the lake that doesn’t know are ghosts, and what she is seeing is what they did/how they died.

I don’t recall why I never saw the whole movie, despite I was really liking it. Probably it was showing on TV and then there was a break for ads that made me change the channel and forget about it for a while.

VHS_Lives Answered question Apr 20, 2022

No. It wasn’t that.

I am pretty sure it is this, even though the poster is a big difference from the film. This link talks about her parents dieing from the gas leak too…