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Woman pulls homeless couple off the street to pretend to be her parents

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Absolutely racking my brain to remember this movie… a mid 20s something woman has told some porkies to a man, she has to introduce her parents but doesn’t have any so picks two drunken homeless people off the street and cleans them up and gets them to pretend to be her parents… the woman is short, cuddly with curly hair and all she can say is something like ‘helllooooooo’ in a really sickly sweet way, the guy is tall and nice in a grandpa kind of way and I’m sure they share a nice moment where he tells her he’s proud of her but obviously she’s not his daughter but she ends up wishing she was and I’m sure at the end of the film they live in a lively house and she almost adopts them as her parents… goldie hawn or someone like that is ringing a bell… please help 🤣

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This is one of my favorite Goldie Hawn movies, House Sitter. Frank Oz directed it. It was released in 1992.

Steve Martin plays an uptight architect who builds his dream home in the country for the woman he plans to marry. But when he proposes, she turns him down. He is so despondent that he leaves the house empty. Goldie Hawn plays a grifter, a pathelogical liar, who moves into Martin’s house and pretends to be his wife, charming everyone in town. Martin eventually learns what is going on and comes back to his home town intending to kick out the squatter. But he quickly realizes that his old flame is again showing interest in him because of Goldie’s constant praise around town of her “husband”. Martin decides to play along and the two design an elaborate con to get Martin’s ex back. In return for a big cash payout, Goldie promisses to manipulate his ex and help her see him in a different light. Goldie is to “leave” him after the ex is once again in love with him. Part of their con involves getting a couple of bums off the street to play Goldie’s parents. Of course, by the end of the movie, the ex indeed wants Martin back, but Goldie now genuinely loves Martin and he finally realizes that he loves her too. Plus he discovers he loves all of the pathelogical lying. Hawn and Martin marry for real, and in order to continue the ruse, he builds a house next door for his “in-laws”.

Thanks. I haven’t thought about this movie in ages. Now I want to dig through my black hole of clutter and find the DVD and watch it again.

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