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Woman jarred by a concussion, driven to experiment with sexual surrogacy/prostitution

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This is a film from sometime in the last 20 years, probably the last 10.

The main protagonist is a married woman. She has some sort of accident involving a concussion, being hit in the head somehow. Physically she seems fine, but this affects her, or motivates her, to seek some kind of change in her life. She is busy renovating an additional apartment which either just her, or her and her husband, own. She works on that during the film, but then proceeds to use the apartment to provide sexual service discreetly – I forget if it’s only for women or at first men and then women. One of her clients is a girl who’s a virgin, or afraid of sexual contact or something.

The film is in English, with some kind of US dialect – not Southern, not Bostonian, something else. I believe the surroundings are partly rural and partly urban, definitely not a “big city” or an “out in the middle of nowhere” type film.

The film is not about the sex and is not pornographic.

einpoklum Asked question Aug 30, 2021