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woman hides under medical cadaver


Very little to go on: woman hides from man by holding her breath in a tub of formaldehyde underneath a cadaver. There was a room with several tubs of formaldehyde with medical cadavers floating on top. The cadavers were skinned, just muscle showing I think. Probably a medical school or research facility. I think it was a movie from the 90’s, could even be made for tv.

Numbskull1980 Posted new comment Jul 6, 2022

could also be from the 80’s

Solved! (not sure how to handle posts that are solved by the poster, other than delete?)
Searched forever and finally found it. It was a made for tv movie called
“Donor” (1990) with Melissa Gilbert.


Unrest (2006) with Corri English?

Numbskull1980 Posted new comment Jun 25, 2022

Not Unrest (2006) but thank you for trying 🙂